What to Bring to the Pool

  • Swimsuit – Hopefully this item is self-explanatory
  • Towel – Very efficient tool that removes water from your body
  • Goggles – Used to keep water and chemicals out of your eyes while also aiding in underwater vision
  • Water Bottle – Keep this at the side of the pool to stay hydrated during rest intervals

Optional Items

  • Swimcap – Used to reduce drag around the head
  • Earplugs – Help keep water out of the ears
  • Goggle Antifog – Can be applied to goggles to prevent them from fogging up in the water
  • Watch – Used to record splits if not going off the pool clock
  • Swim Buoy/Kickboard – Gregory Gym has these, but bring your own to other pools
  • Fins/Paddles – Can also be used for drills
  • Pool Sandals – Keep your normal shoes dry when walking on wet ground
  • Change of Clothes – If changing into different clothes after the swim
  • Shower Supplies – If showering at the gym after swimming
  • Swim Bag – Useful for keeping keys/wallet during workout and transporting all swimming essentials
  • Wetsuit – Very useful in openwater swimming for extra floatation and less drag

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