Learn about our awesome officers! If you have any questions, feel free to email them by clicking on the link located under each bio.


Jordan Manson

Hi! My name is Jordan Manson and I’m a 4th year mechanical engineering major. I swam growing up, biked with friends a bit, and was active enough to run so I thought why not try a triathlon. I finished my first triathlon senior year of high school and fell in love. At the start I was talking to a man who was giving me some tips and easing me nerves and he told me how triathlon is like a cult. I thought he was weird, but after I finished I realized how true he was. The triathlon community may be a cult, but it’s also one big family. Joining Texas Triathlon has been one of my best life decisions. I never knew how welcoming a group of people could be until I showed up to my first brick. They are my family. They push me to reach my goals and strive to be a better person. I’m excited to continue to grow as a person, but most importantly as a family.

LillieAnne Steinhauser
Vice President & Bevoman Committee

Hi everyone, I’m LillieAnne! I study Corporate Communication here at UT-Austin. I spontaneously jumped into Texas Triathlon my freshman year, even though I didn't even have a bike. I played 6 sports in high school, only being average at all of them, so I figured multisport was the way to go. So here I am. I fell in love with the training, racing, and extra calories, but most importantly this team. Our commitment to each other drives this team together, and I love encouraging new members to join this amazing support group. If extra calories sounds cool to you, this team is the way to go. I’m looking forward to sharing many laughs and flat tires with you this season!

Eli Blinchevsky

Hello! My name is Eli Blinchevsky, and I'm a 2nd year Psychology and Plan II major. In high school I was a competitive swimmer, but decided to branch out into running and cycling upon entering college. Outside of triathlon training, I enjoy hiking, listening to 70's music, and reading. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!

Olivia Bradshaw

Hi! I’m Olivia Bradshaw, a second-year civil engineering major. Before triathlon I was a competitive swimmer for eight years, and decided that I was too burnt out to swim in college. Instead I chose a sport which had my least favorite genre of exercise: running. Despite my general dislike of running, though, you’ll often find me either training or doing some other extracurricular activity instead of working on my homework. Triathlon has brought back my love of exercise, and the team is full of the coolest people around, making the tri club at least the third best club at UT 😉 Although, my older brother assures me that I am not among the cool people on the team — you’ll have to join to find out for sure.

Dana Bruhis
Sponsorship Officer

Howdy, my name is Dana and I’m a 4th year environmental science major! I am thankful that I grew up being active and spending a lot of my time outside, constantly getting encouragement by my parents and 3 older brothers. I decided to join triathlon team to set new endurance goals for myself so I can challenge myself both physically and mentally. What I got was even more: this incredible community of rockstars, who have become my inspiration. My favorite part of the team is how welcoming it is to all skill levels, making it a diverse group filled with lots of learning and opportunities to grow stronger!

Jack Cooney
Volunteer Officer

Hello everybody, my name is Jack. I am a sophomore business student, and I joined Texas Triathlon my freshman year. I played football and basketball in high school, and I knew I wanted to continue with doing something competitive in college. Triathlon can be intimidating at first, but it is an awesome challenge, and even if you have no previous experience in the three sports, give it a shot!

John MacMichael
Technical Officer

Greetings! My name is John MacMichael and I'm a 3rd year computer science major. I have been swimming competitively since before I can remember, and I ran cross country for two years in high school. I also have assistant coached for a summer league swim team in Virginia. Knowing that I was nowhere near good enough for UT's D1 swim team, and having done a sprint triathlon when I was 13, I decided to try the triathlon club. It has been a great way to fit exercise into my busy schedule. Outside of triathlon I enjoy listening to music, reading sci-fi/fantasy, and participating in white-hat hacking competitions.

Abby Partridge
Social Officer

Hi! I’m Abby and I’m a third year environmental engineering and chemistry major. I swam competitively for 11 years and needed something to fill the void coming into college. I had a little bit of experience with running, and NONE with cycling, but I really love being part of a team where we can share our experiences and expertises with one another in a collaborative and fun environment. Joining the triathlon team my freshman year allowed me to continue my love for swimming, while also giving me the opportunity to grow out of my comfort zone, all the while bonding with amazing people. 🙂