Beginner Bike Routes

Shoal Creek (1 lap) 13.0mi, 403ft – Close to campus, 1.4 mile ‘Speed Section’ is great for low traffic intervals. Ride the loop multiple times for extra distance. Be careful as cars often park in the bike lanes.

Mt. Bonnell 14mi, 859ft – Experience the closest ‘mountain’ to campus. Just be sure to switch into an easy gear before you turn right and begin climbing!

Intermediate Bike Routes

Bee Caves 33.9mi, 2,242ft – Contains many rolling hills. Route has bike lanes or a wide shoulder almost the entire way. A Walgreens is at the end of Bee Caves Rd. to regroup and refill bottles.

Creedmoor Loop 37.6mi, 1,520ft – Rolling hills on McKinney Falls and a fairly flat 9.5mi loop with very little traffic. Can be repeated multiple times for extra distance. Gas station located at south corner of the loop.

East to Littig 44.2mi, 1,713ft – Can be easily extended or shortened to match your milage goal. There’s some rough pavement on Blue Bluff Road, but then beautiful, flat, non-stop road for miles once you pass Manor.

South to Buda 30.8mi, 1,251ft – Simple out and back course with very few turns. Has stoplights most of the way, so it’s not ideal for faster rides. Walgreens stop at Buda (or many other stores along the way).

360 Loop CCW 27.2mi, 1,778ft – Rolling hills along highway 360. While there is a large shoulder, it is very important to pay attention to surrounding vehicles, especially near the entrance/exit ramps.

Advanced Bike Routes

Dam Loop CCW 50.6mi, 2,802ft – One variation of the Dam Loop which includes riding over the Mansfield Dam on RM 620 and finishing up on Bee Caves.

Lime Creek – 360 55.3mi, 3,220ft – Ride along Lime Creek Road with some incredible scenery in a low traffic area. Rest stop and then a massive descent on 2222. (Be careful with traffic). Finish up along highway 360.

* Disclaimer: All routes listed here are for informational purposes only. Be sure to research local riding conditions and follow all applicable laws.