ABC Pre-Ride Bike Checklist

  • Air – Make sure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure.
  • Brakes – Test your brakes before every ride.
  • Chain – Ensure your chain is clean and lubricated.

What to bring on every ride

  • Bike – Hopefully this item is self-explanatory
  • Helmet – Used to protect your head in a crash
  • Cycling Shoes – Used to deliver maximum power to the pedals
  • Cycling Kit – Dress for the weather. Gloves are useful to dampen vibrations and protect hands in a crash
  • Lightweight Jacket – Bring along in case of cold temperatures or rain.
  • Sunglasses – Increases your visibility and protects eyes from wind and debris
  • Phone – Can be used to navigate back home if lost, or call for a ride if unable to bike back
  • Spare Tubes – Bringing 2 spare tubes is strongly recommended.
  • Minipump or CO2 w/ Inflator – If using CO2, bring at least 2 cartridges
  • Tire Levers – 2 Recommended, Used to remove tire from the rim in order to replace a flat
  • Multi-tool – Try to find one with a chain tool and allen keys. Used for small repairs and adjustments
  • Lights – Blinking rear light is always a good idea. A front light is required by Texas law when dark
  • Cash/Credit Card – Can be used to buy food/drink or a taxi ride home if needed
  • Identification – Used by emergency personnel in case of a serious accident
  • House/Car Key – I’ve forgotten this one before
  • Filled Water Bottles and Nutrition – Plan for 1 piece of food per hour, plus an extra
  • Cycling Computer and Heart Rate Monitor – And don’t forget to log your ride on Strava!

Tips- Get a saddle bag for your tools and flat kit. Hide a small amount of cash inside in case you ever forget your wallet. Make sure to check the weather forecast before heading out (especially rain % and wind direction/speed).

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