What is a triathlon?

Triathlon is a multi-sport endurance event consisting of swimming, biking, and running. Between each sport, the athlete must switch out their equipment and transition into the next leg of the triathlon.

What kind of races do you do?

Most of our races are olympic distance triathlons (1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run), with a focus on races in the USAT South Midwest Conference. The team as a whole focuses on scoring at the Regional meet to qualify for Nationals. While each athlete can put together their own individual race schedule, we have put together a list of recommended races here. For new triathletes, there are many sprint distance triathlons which are typically around 1/2 the distance of an olympic distance race.

What are practices like?

Check out our practice schedule here. Workouts are led by a coach or experienced team member. We do not have any mandatory practices, but you’ll be getting better from each practice you attend!

What’s a brick workout?

A brick is a workout consisting of biking directly followed by running, just like we do in a race.

Do I need a bike?

While it’s great to have your own bike, you can use the spin bikes at Gregory Gym or RSC to train in the meantime. However, you will need to bring a bike to all outside rides (Tuesday Spins, Friday Bricks, and Saturday Long Rides). If you want to try racing a triathlon before deciding to purchase your own bike, try asking around. Someone will probably have one to borrow.

How much of a time commitment is it?

The amount of time you commit to the sport is entirely up to you. You can choose which practices to come to and when to workout on your own time.

Do you do anything besides training?

Of course! We are athletic freaks of nature, but love to have fun. We have many social events which are great ways to get to know your teammates. We also love to help out the community by volunteering. All major events are listed on our Google Calendar and detailed information is typically posted in our private Facebook group.

Do team members receive any benefits/discounts?

Yes! As a registered team member, you will receive discounts from all of our Sponsors. Check out our How to Join page for additional benefits.

Why is everyone on the team ridiculously good looking?

It comes naturally from all the hard training we do! Come out and see for yourself.

How can I join?

We can’t wait for you to join! Click How to Join and follow the instructions.

Have any additional questions?

Feel free to email our recruiting officers.