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Over the years, there have been a few different iterations of the UT Triathlon team. A team was started back in 2002, but unfortunately the team fell apart after a couple of years. Another group tried to start a team in 2006, but that team, too, fell apart. In the fall of 2009, Molly Kent and Chris Smith worked with Coach Allan Besselink to become the co-founders and first co-presidents of the most recent team, "Texas Triathletes."


Molly and Chris, along with several other new members, worked hard to achieve their goal of becoming an official UT RecSports club, and were determined not to let the team fall apart a third time. In order to apply for RecSports club membership, the team was required to first be a UT "Student Organization" for two years.


In April 2010, the "Texas Triathletes" attended the USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championship race (in Lubbock, TX) for the first time ever. The men's team had 6 racers, while the women's team had 3. The men's team placed 47th out of 70 men's teams, but unfortunately the women did not have enough racers to score as a full team.


In April of 2011, the "Texas Triathletes" were thrilled to have a full men and women's team, with 7 men and 7 women competing in the Olympic distance race, and 1 man and 1 woman in the sprint race.


After two years of hardwork, the officers had to give a presentation to RecSports as part of their sports club application, and the panel of judges unanimously voted to make triathlon their newest club sport. Shortly thereafter, the "Texas Triathletes" changed their name to "Texas Triathlon," and eventually came to be known as one of the greatest triathlon teams in the country. Well, maybe not yet... but they're getting there.


As of April of 2012, the Texas Triathlon Team had doubled in size from the previous years, taking 32 members to regionals, and 21 members to Nationals. The team placed 2nd in Mens, Womans, and overall performance at Regionals. At the USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championship (in Alabama), the team placed 43rd.


In 2013, the Texas Triathlon Team came in second behind those pesky Aggies again at Regionals. They went on to travel to beautiful Tempe, Arizona for the collegiate national chamionship, where they placed 34th, yet again improving their performance significantly from the year before.


In 2014, Texas Triathlon came in third at Regionals behind Texas A&M and Texas State. They went on to travel to Tempe, Arizona for the last time for the collegiate national championship. The women placed 30th overall, the men placed 40th overall and the team placed 37th overall in a growing field of 107 teams.