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Kyle Polansky
Hey everyone, my name is Kyle Polansky. I'm a junior studying Electrical/Computer Engineering. I got into endurance sports by starting to run in 3rd grade. I became more competitive in high school, running for Southlake Carroll. After my final track season, I bought a road bike and fell in love with cycling. After learning how to swim, it felt natural to give triathlon a try. I've had a blast with it so far, and I'm excited to be able to help grow the sport and the team even more.
Holt West
Vice President
Howdy y’all! My name is Holt West and I am a fourth year student here at UT studying Classics and Chemistry. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, playing fiddle, and doing just about anything outside. In high school, I did both swimming and cross country, and getting to college, I figured I might as well throw in cycling too. I had done a couple sprint distance triathlons before joining Texas Tri my junior year, but I can say that being a part of this team has made a huge difference. It’s a welcoming community of incredible people who love to train, race, and eat lots of food. I’m looking forward to serving the team in a larger capacity this year, and if you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, don’t hesitate to let me know!
Mathias Hanssen
Hey everyone, my name is Mathias (muh-TEE-us) and I am a third-year Civil Engineering major here at UT. I did my first couple of triathlons back in high school, but lost interest/time to train for them. It wasn't until I met this awesome group of people (Texas Tri team) during my 3rd semester here that my passion was reignited. I love this team and our Tri community; there are so many extraordinary and interesting people in this sport! When I am not studying or training, I enjoy playing the cello and cooking better food than I usually do. I am excited for my first semester as an officer and to help continue this team's success!
Preston Ray
Hi, my name is Preston and I’m a third-year English and Radio-Television-Film major. I got my start in triathlon racing sprint distance events in high school, while mostly focusing on racing with my high school’s track and cross country teams. I discovered Texas Triathlon during my freshman orientation and instantly knew this was a team full of great athletes and people. Since then, I’ve improved a lot as a triathlete (especially with the parts that have the water and the wheels) and this past summer completed my first 70.3. Of course, all this progress is thanks to our incredible coaches, teammates, and officers. Now, as an officer myself, I hope I can do my part to continue making this team awesome.
Michael Orlando
Hey everyone, my name is Michael Orlando. I am a third year Nutrition Major. I am a local Austinite and attended Bowie high school in south Austin. While in high school, I played soccer and ran cross country and track. When I came to college I knew I wanted to get into something a little bit more full body and so I joined this wonderful team. This team has been one of the most fulfilling opportunities of my college experience so far and has allowed me to travel and meet all kinds of interesting people. I see great things to come from this team in the future and I would love to answer any questions you have!
Marshall Yale
Hey guys, my name is Marshall Yale, and I am a fourth year Junior studying aerospace engineering. I did my first triathlon as a freshman in high school, but I mostly stuck with swimming my entire high school career. I joined the triathlon team my Freshman year of college, and I've seen the team improve tremendously since I started. I'm very excited to be the travel officer and to continue to develop this fantastic team!
Patrick Mannon
Hello! I'm Patrick and I'm in charge of volunteering and recruiting for Texas Triathlon. It's my second year of graduate school in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering here at UT. I played lots of sportsballs growing up but didn't start triathlon training until I joined the team last year. Eating is my favorite of the four triathlon sports followed shortly by cycling and then the other two. I enjoy crafting, heart-to-heart conversations, and listening to podcasts; I have a large cycling-themed tattoo, prepare most of my food in a crockpot, and rode my bike across the United States. Texas Triathlon is my favorite and joining the team is the best decision I've made definitely in Texas, maybe in life. If you're curious about Texas Triathlon, or really anything else, feel free to reach out. I love to talk.