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LillieAnne Steinhauser
Hi everyone, I’m LillieAnne! I study English here at UT-Austin. I spontaneously jumped into Texas Triathlon my freshman year and that’s when my addiction started. I played 6 sports in high school, being average at all of them, and figured that would make a decent triathlete. So here I am. I fell in love with the sport, of course, but more importantly this team. So much support and encouragement drives this team together, and I cannot wait to pass that along to new members. Being the travel officer, my job is to make sure we have a plan and stick to it, haha..ha..ha. If you have a love and appreciation for itineraries, we will make great friends. I’m looking forward to the many laughs and flat tires this season will bring.
Jordan Manson
Vice President
Hi! My name is Jordan Manson and I’m a 2nd year mechanical engineering major. I swam growing up, biked with friends a bit, and was active enough to run so I thought why not try a triathlon. I finished my first triathlon senior year of high school and fell in love. At the start I was talking to a man who was giving me some tips and easing me nerves and he told me how triathlon is like a cult. I thought he was weird, but after I finished I realized how true he was. The triathlon community may be a cult, but it’s also one big family. Joining Texas Triathlon has been one of my best life decisions. I never knew how welcoming a group of people could be until I showed up to my first brick. They are my family. They push me to reach my goals and strive to be a better person. I’m excited to continue to grow as a person, but most importantly as a family.
Sarah Childers
Hey y’all! I’m a fourth year iMPA (integrated master’s in professional accounting) student and this is my second year on the tri team. I played soccer my whole life and didn’t even know what a triathlon was when I got to college! After running a few half marathons one summer, I got bored with running. One of my friends then asked me if I’d consider triathlon, because it’d be much harder to get bored with three sports. Last fall, I googled to see if UT had a team and joined on a whim. Little did I know it was the BEST DECISION IVE EVER MADE! The people on this team are the most supportive, uplifting, and hungry individuals I’ve ever met. Who knew exercising could be this much fun??? #RUSHTXTRI
Tessa Slagle
Sponsorship and Outreach
Hi everyone, my name is Tessa Slagle and I am a transfer student studying government and history. I was raised in Colorado and spent my summers swimming competitively in the Western Slope League. I ran cross country and track in high school and I have enjoyed competing in multiple half-marathons since I started college. Before joining the team, I lacked any competitive experience with biking, and I spent most brick practices using my bike with a basket – it added resistance. ☺ Since then, biking has become my favorite part of triathlons, and I have really enjoyed learning more about biking since I have joined the team. Joining the triathlon team has allowed me to make some of my best friends and I am so grateful to workout with people who are so kind. If you are looking for a great and open group of people to bond with in college, I highly recommend joining us. I look forward to the next year on the team and hope to watch our club grow.
Tomas Minguell
Race Logistics
I joined the Texas Triathlon team after transferring from UTSA my sophomore year. I wanted some motivation to get in shape and to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. Since then, I’ve become deeply involved in the team and in the sport. We have a unique group of people who are amazingly supportive and inspiring. With their support I have been able to push my limits further than I ever thought I could, all while having fun.
Dana Bruhis
Volunteer Officer
Hey y’all, my name is Dana and I’m a 2nd year environmental science major! I am thankful that I grew up being active and spending a lot of my time outside, constantly getting encouragement by my parents and 3 older brothers. I decided to join triathlon team to set new endurance goals for myself so I can challenge myself both physically and mentally, as well as to have this incredible community of rockstars, who have become my inspiration. My favorite part of the team is how welcoming it is to all skill levels, making it a diverse group filled with lots of learning and opportunities to grow stronger!
Clark Templeton
Hello great people of the internet. My name is Clark and I am a graduate student here at UT-Austin and will be serving as secretary for the Tri Club. I have been doing triathlons for awhile now and really enjoy the flexibility and fun that comes with them. Being active and loving every minute of it is what helps my old ticker keep on beating and I am looking forward to sharing both some sweat and some laughs with everyone this upcoming year.
Sarah Milligan
Social Officer and Webmaster
Hello Everyone! I am a 4th year Jazz Studies Major/ Arts Management and Administration minor. I joined the team late fall 2017, with out having a background in swimming, biking or running. I had always wanted to swim or join the track team in high school, but my busy music schedule prevented me from doing so. When I saw the Texas Triathlon team, I put off joining for over a semester due to my lack of athletic ability. Out of the blue one day I replied to the president's weekly email to inquire more about the club. I could tell from that moment that there was something special about the team. Not too long after that I went to my first practice and knew that I had just surrounded myself with a great group of people. Despite my lack of background in the three sports, everyone was so supportive and made me believe that I could... and I did. My first semester with the team I finished both of our regional races and traveled to Tuscaloosa, Alabama with the team for the USAT Nats, where I truly fell in love with Triathlons and the community it provided me with. I have learned so much about myself through out my training process, but most of all, that you can if you believe you can.
Eric Wise
Recruitment Officer
Wassup! I’m Eric Wise, I swam out of the womb, biked home from the nursery (aka baby T1), and ran away from home at the ripe age of 7 months to peruse a life of training and enlightenment. My quest started in Springfield, IL, the land of corn and beans where I spent my days swimming through the meandering creeks, foraging for food with the animals of the prairie, chatting with the spirit of Abraham Lincoln about the merits of triathlons and the Union, biking along narrow roads flanked by towering corn stalks, and running from the farmers who chased me away from their gardens. Eventually I made my way to UT where I began studying Geography and Urban Studies to assimilate myself into society and become an Urban Planning geek and passionate bike advocate. My transition into civilization is nearly complete, although I still retain some of the intensity and fervor I developed through my time in the wild. I finally achieved enlightenment when I joined the Texas Triathlon team after 18 years and 5 months of searching. It was a journey well spent. I have had a fantastic time building friendships, training, and racing with the Texas Triathlon team. My goal is to make your experience with the Texas Triathlon team as enjoyable as possible.