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Meet the Coach

Coach Joanna Williamson has coached the Texas Triathlon club since Fall of 2012. She has raced at the top of her age group since 2007. Coach Joanna likes to coach triathletes at the collegiate level because it is a terrific time to learn how to train properly, be consistent with training and to have a lot of fun in the process. Triathlon is a sport that can be continued throughout life, and that can teach us a lot about ourselves. Collegiate triathlon is also scored as a team, much like cross country.


Coach Williamson has coached many students to top finishes at collegiate nationals, local sprint and olympic triathlons, Ironman 70.3 and Full Ironman distances. Athletes that have been coached by Joanna have gone on to become top age group athletes, sponsored athletes, Special Forces Officers, and World Class Athlete Program triathletes after their club participation in college.


Coach Williamson has over 20 years of training experience in a variety of populations and holds current certifications from some of the most well respected fitness and performance training organizations.


As a coach for Texas Triathlon, she designs training schedules that are appropriate for student schedules, are held at consistent times throughout the year, and that incorporate fun, safe, periodized and effective methods. Each year that coach has led Texas Triathlon, the team has risen in national level rankings.