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What is Texas Triathlon?

Texas Triathlon is a Recreational Sport Club at the University of Texas at Austin. We train and compete in triathlons at the local, regional and national levels.

What is a triathlon?
A triathlon is a multi-sport event consisting of swimming, cycling and running. These three components are completed in succession, with “transitions” in between each component.

There are various distances for triathlons, there are two main types our team focuses on, being:
1) Sprint Distance: 750m swim, 20K bike, 5K run
2) Olympic Distance: 1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K run
Many beginners start at these distances, particularly the sprint triathlons.

As you advance in your triathlon career, there are longer distances available including: Half-Ironman (1.9K swim, 90K bike, 21.1K run) and the Ironman (3.8K swim, 180K bike, 26.2mi run).

I’ve never done a triathlon before and I’m not much of a swimmer/biker/runner…Can I still join?
Of course! In fact, many members on the team had never completed a triathlon before college. We welcome people of all different skills and athletic backgrounds (including no athletic background as well!). Many of our current team members come from a variety of athletic backgrounds in high school including: soccer, cross country, swimming and much more. Triathlon is a sport where your results directly relate to what you put into it. As long as you are willing to work hard and learn, you will achieve high success in this sport!

What if I don’t have a bike?
No worries! Even if you’re not ready to invest in a bike yet, we encourage you to still come out and train with the team in the swim and run workouts! In addition, RecSports at Gregory Gym offers group cycling classes at a great price. Click here for more info.

What are the semester dues?
Currently, the two options for dues are
• $200/year OR
• $125/semester

When and where do we practice?
Our workout schedule is flexible and is designed to best accommodate everyone’s individual schedules while striving for maximum performance. (See ‘Workout Schedule’ tab for more info)Of course, not everyone can make every practice. There are NO mandatory practices however, we encourage team members who want a chance to make the Nationals team to attend at least 2 practices a week. If getting better isn’t enough of an incentive to come to practice, then getting the chance to hang out with awesome people should get you pumped up ☺ !

How are the practices organized and who leads them?
In a typical week, we do 2 swims, 2 runs, 2 bikes and 2 strength practices, each led by an officer. In certain designated practices (to be determined later), our coach will be present to lead practice.

How many races per year do we race in? Is there a particular “peak” race we train for as a team?
The number of races per year varies. Some of the bigger races include Dilloman Triathlon, Du the Polar Bear Duathlon, Beginner’s Tri, Collegiate Regionals and Collegiate Nationals. While each individual may strive to peak at different races, the team as a whole focuses on qualifying at the Regionals meet for the Collegiate National race. This past season, both the men’s and women’s teams finished in 2nd place at the Mid Southwest Regional race. We sent 7 male and 7 female athletes to the Nationals race in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in which we placed 43rd overall.

How much of a time commitment is it?
The amount of time you commit to the sport is completely up to you! You can choose to come to all the practice (kudos to you!), a few of the practices, or workout on your own time.

Do we do anything as a team outside of practices?
Definitely! Although we are athletic freaks of nature, we also love to have FUN. We have many social functions including, ice cream socials, family dinners, movie nights, and much more. These are great ways to get to know teammates when we’re not pushing our limits in the pool or on the track.

Do we receive any benefits/discounts as team members?
Yes! As a registered team member, you will receive a team shirt and individualized workouts from our coach. You can also receive discounts from our team sponsors as well as discounts from some races. Luke’s Locker gives us 10% of running apparel and Sun & Ski Sports offers us 10% of all purchases as well as 30% off labor. See our ‘Sponsors’ tab for more info.

Why is everyone on the team ridiculously good looking?!
It comes naturally! (And of course, from all that hard training that we do). Come see for yourself ;)

You’ve got me HOOKED. How do I join?!
We can’t wait to have you on the team! Click on the ‘How to Join’ tab and follow the directions. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Recruitment/Publicity Officer, Candice Bailey at txtrirecruitment@gmail.com.

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