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Contact Information

President: Neil Doughty (txtripresident@gmail.com) - Team Leader & Responsible for all officers


Vice President: Carl Koehler (txtripvp@gmail.com) - Assists President & Treasurer


Treasurer: Lewis Tsai (lewtsai47@gmail.com) - Responsible for all team monies(dues, purchases, etc.)


Travel & Events: Josh Holtkort (jholtkort@utexas.edu) - In charge of travel logistics


Fundraising & Volunteering: Ben Deschner (texastrifundraising@gmail.com) - Plans and coordinates all

   volunteering and fundraising events


Secretary: Vincent Hua (happymanvincent@gmail.com) - Places apparel/kit orders and manages team roster


Recruiting & Webmaster: Christina Cuellar-Nelson (webmastertxtri@gmail.com) - Interacts with prospective

   members. (Contact me if interested about the team)


Social Chair: Sarah Gorring (sarahgorring@gmail.com) - Arranges all of our social events