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About the Team

Texas Triathlon is a club that provides consistent group workouts, and training and support for triathlon and endurance races. We are a group of fun, health-conscious people, with various interests and backgrounds who enjoy working out together. We also have a wide range of skill levels and are beginner friendly. Our team is open to the entire student body (you too grad students!), faculty and staff at the University of Texas at Austin.


We are a part of the USA Triathlon South Midwest Collegiate Conference. This conference is made up of 14 schools from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. We compete within our region throughout the year ending with the Collegiate National Championships mid-April.


If you have any interest in joining our ridiculously good-looking group of fun people, don't hesitate to contact our Recruiting Officer, Christina: christinacuellar@utexas.edu or our President, Neil: txtripresident@gmail.com