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Happy Birthday to our very own Marshall Yale!!! Hope you had a great day. #swimbikerun #triathlon #texastriathlon #bevoman #smwcollegiate #texas

21 hours ago

#SENIOR #SPOTLIGHT alert! Kristina Guevara joined Texas Tri fall 2016 because she missed having a team to work out with. She was competitive in high school with track and xc, and even made it to the xc state competition. She set new goals for herself in college beyond running and focused on building endurance in swimming and cycling, which she had no experience with before. She has had a lot of improvement with the help of her teammates. Being a social and recruitment officer for the team was a blast for her and she can’t wait to watch the team evolve and improve as an alumni member. Thanks for your hard work and dedication @kguev!!! #triathlon #texastriathlon #swimbikerun #usatcn18 #smwcollegiate

1 day ago

Our next #senior #spotlight is Kevin Ryder! He studied Microbiology and joined Texas Triathlon because he wanted to meet people outside of the world of music and wanted to start doing endurance sports. His favorite memory with the team would probably be the long ride and climb up to Sandia Peak during the spring break trip! You rock @kevsruder!!! #triathlon #swimbikerun #texastriathlon #bike #ut18 #graduation

3 days ago

Let’s wish a very happy birthday to our next senior spotlight, Michael Orlando! Michael joined Texas Triathlon to have a new community in college after doing Cross Country in high school. He just graduated today with a BSA in Nutrition and his favorite memory of his four years with the team is attending @usatriathlon Club Colligate Nats. Good luck with your future endeavors Michael! #triathlon #texastriathlon #swimbikerun #austin #texas #triathlon #senior #graduation

4 days ago

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT! Biology major, Jessica Ellis joined Texas Triathlon after she quit cross country at UT because she wanted something more holistic for her body, and some cool people who are three times as crazy as runners. This past fall Jess places first place at #texastough. She has SO many great memories with the team, but if she had to choose her favorite would be the long bus rides to nationals and finishing her first Olympic race at #bevoman. #texastriathlon #swimbikerun #triathlon #senior #spotlight #utaustin #graduation

5 days ago

Our next senior spotlight is Katherine Bui! Kat earned her degree in environmental science and joined because she likes endurance sports and to push herself to try something new. Her favorite memory from her time with the team is our ladies nights! You will be missed! #triathlon #swimbikerun #smwcollegiate #dounuts #bike #texastriathlon

5 days ago

Inspired by @umdtriathlon, lets introduce our first senior spotlight Mathias Hanssen!!! Mathias majored in civil engineering and joined triathlons because I wanted to try a new endurance sport. His favorite memory with the team was camping with everyone and waking up early to race on one of the most beautiful courses: Bevoman. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication Mathias! #swimbikerun #triathlon #texastriathlon #senior #UT18 #smwcollegiate

5 days ago